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Blues Turnarounds, Texas style!

Hello, Richard the guitar teacher here. I hope everyone is doing well.

In this blog I would like to show you two Texas blues style turnarounds, which you can use the next time you're rocking out.

What is a blues turnaround?

A turnaround, in its basic form, is a device to get you back to the beginning of the chord progression, in this case a 12 bar blues. There are loads and loads of turnarounds you can you use in a 12 bar blues, in all different styles of blues. Check out my "Learning the blues" blog post for a list of blues styles.

A turnaround, is usually played in the last 2 bars of a 12 bar blues. There are some exceptions to this. There is a little tension and release in a turn around, as the riff or lick is falling on the five Chord of the key of the song, this will bring us back nicely to the one chord, and back to the top of the chord progression.

Turnaround no.1.

This turnaround is in the key of E Major, and uses double stops and single notes.

Turnaround no.2.

This turnaround is in the key of G Major. In the first bar, beats 2,3 and 4, uses 8th note triplets. Play these slow at first to make sure you are getting the rhythm right and in time.

Play each of these turnarounds with a swing feel, to get the bluesy sound we know and love.

I hope you enjoy these examples, and be sure to transpose these turnarounds into different keys to get the most out of them.

Til, next time

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