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Learning The Blues.

The First Tip I Give To My Students Learning "The Blues"

Listen, Listen, Listen and Listen some more.

Learning the blues can be tricky at the very beginning. There are so many styles with in the genre, that it maybe a little confusing at the start.

What I say to all my students when they first show an interest in playing the Blues, is that you have to listen. Make sure you are listening to blues music throughout the day.

Listen to albums, not just singles. Listening to a play list on Spotify is great, but you want to start really getting into the work of individual artists. This way you can start finding out what type of blues playing you like.

Different Types of Blues.

Texas Blues

New Orleans Blues

Kansas City Blues

Memphis Blues

Chicago Blues

Delta Blues

Think of these as all speaking the same language, but have different dialect. Each one of these styles can intertwine with each other, throwing in their own "Slang" licks into the mix.

you can even dive into the world of Minor blues vs Major blues. I'll get into this on future blogs.

You might find through listening that you are more of a fan of Delta Blues, with artists like Muddy Waters or Robert Johnson. It might be that West Coast Blues grabs your ears more with artists like Lowell Fulson or T bone Walker.

I like my students to listen to all sorts of blues at the beginning, and then focus on one particular artists. This gives you the focus for learning songs and licks.

Modern Day Blues

It is a very good Idea when learning blues songs and riffs, that you go back in history, but it is also a very good idea to hear and see who is pathing the way now.

Players like Matt Schofield, Kirk Fletcher and Eric Gales. These artists are great blues players and definitely worth checking out.

If you are interested in learning blues guitar, please free to get in contact, and book your free 30min lesson for all new students.

Till next time.

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