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Metronome Fun


Richard the guitar teacher here. In this blog I thought I would talk a little about metronomes.

Now, not everyone likes using to a metronome when they practice guitar, but it is very good idea to get in the habit of using one. They can help improve your timing so much. Now if you are practicing everyday, you can mix and match through out the week. Maybe one day use a metronome, then the next day use a drum machine, then you could use a backing track. So you don't always have to use a metronome, but its good idea to get it into circulation within you practice routine.

Somethings you want the metronome to do.

  1. Be able to increase and decrease the speed (tempo)

  2. Have a couple of different sounds (tone) to the click. You want to find one that you can hear clearly over the top of your guitar playing.

  3. Be able to change to different subdivisions on the click. This can be fun, when you want to change were the click is based. For incense having the click just play on beat 3 can really be a fun game to play on.

  4. Change time signatures. Its always good to practice in other time signatures like 3/4 or 2/4

What Type Of Metronome

Well, really all metronomes do the same job, and finding a free app on you mobile device will do just fine, but here are my go to's for metronomes.


Korg MA-1

This is great little metronome. its you bog-standard metronome, that you can pick up in any local music shop, and a pretty cheap price. I used this one for years when I was first playing the guitar. There is nothing fancy about it. You can change tempos and time signatures, and is small enough to put in your guitar bag with out any problems.

Boss db-90

This one is of a higher price range, about £100. It is mainly used by drummers, and well, if it's good enough for drummers to keep time, its good enough for me.

I really like the sounds on it. The subdivisions faders are really good. So if you only want to hear the sixteenth notes or upbeat eight notes, you can. It has drum beats on it as well, but they don't sound great, you would problem be better off finding a drums only track on Youtube. This one is for the more intermediate to advanced guitar player.


Time Guru

There are so many metronome apps that is can be a bit confusing. The one I would recommend is Time Guru. I use this app all the time, and really its my go to metronome at this point.

It has everything you need within a metronome. Change tempos, has loads of different sounds, from claps to cow bells. Sometimes just changing the sound of the click can help get through that practice session on days you don't want to use a metronome. You can place the click on any beat and subdivision you wish, which is great for making any metronome games you want to play.

If you are interested in what games you can play with a metronome, please feel free to sign up to my Free 30min lesson to all new students. Contact

Metronomes are a lot of fun, and every guitar player should be practicing with one. Like i said before, you can mix and match it with other ways of keeping in time. I will say this, playing to a metronome is the best way to really find out if you're playing in time, and understanding time signatures, and different types of rhythms.

I hope this helps a little with your journey into the the world of metronomes.

Till next time.

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