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Paul Brown "The City" Smooth Jazz Album.


Richard the guitar teacher here. Well its been some time now since I wrote a blog post.

As you can imagine, navigating through todays world has been challenging.

Hopefully as things start to look like normal, we can get back to the things we love.

I would like to start, with an album recommendation.

Now, I'm a big lover of smooth jazz. So, here is an album I think you should check out.

It's by a fantastic guitar player called, Paul Brown. Not only is he a great player and songwriter, he also teaches. You can find some of his teachings on TrueFire. A great website, full of amazing material, from jazz, blues, rock and so much more, you can get stuck into.

The City

"The City", is Paul's 2nd studio album, released in 2005. The album has all the richness of smooth jazz. If you are looking for some smooth jazzy licks to get into your playing, then this album is packed full.

A couple of songs I really like on this album are. "Old Friends", this one really gets them smooth grooves going. This song has single and octave lines, and some very well used trills and nuances of smooth jazz guitar playing.

"Cosmic Monday", This is the first song on the album, and really hooked me into listening to the rest of the album. Really funky, and a song, you can really get your teeth into.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. I am now open for online guitar lessons, so if you are interested in learning smooth jazz guitar, feel free to get in contact for your FREE, 30min lesson.

Til, next time

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