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Warm Up Exercises.

Hello, Richard The guitar Teacher here. This week I would like to talk a little about warming up.

Now, I'm not talking about putting on a jumper, or though the weather is turning that way here in the U.K.

I'm talking about warming up your hands before you begin your practice session, and, really before you start playing the guitar in general.

The idea here is, to warm up your hands so they are nice and loose, and not stiff, which could lead to unnecessary strain on your fingers and wrists.

luckily there are some exercises we can do to help us with this. I would like to show you one that I would say, 99.9% of guitar players have used as a warm up exercise.

If this exercise was a Chesney Hawkes song, it would be "The One And Only"

This exercise is using all four fingers going across all 6 strings. As you can see in the first 3 bars, you are ascending chromatically starting with your first finger, playing the first fret, 6th string. Then moving up one fret which begins to descend chromatically using your 4th (pinky) finger on the 1st string, 5th fret.

Once you have reached the 6th string, 2nd fret, you will move up one fret, and repeat the process from the 3rd fret, 6th string. Repeat this until you have reached the 12th fret, then go back down.

Feel free to experiment with picking direction, and finger numbering. Here we have 1 2 3 4, but you could go, 2 5 1 3, or 5 3 2 1. There are lots to choose from, so have a some fun with it.

Something Elsa to point out, is the rhythm. In the example above with are playing straight 8th (quaver) notes, but you can also play it with 16th (semi-quaver) or Quarter (crotchet) notes.

Make sure to start off slow with this exercise, and build the tempo naturally.

You want to be warming up for about 10-15 minutes before you start practicing. These Warm up exercises can be built into your practice routine.

For me, it all depends on what time of day I am planning on practicing guitar. I find that if it is the first thing in the morning, I might have to spend up to 30 minutes running through warm up exercises, to start to feel that my hands are loose enough to practice to my full potential.

So be aware of how you hands, and body feels when you start playing, spending that little extra time warming up will help loads.

Thank you for spending the time reading this blog. I hope you get a lot from this one exercise, I know I have over the years, It is one I go to all the time, as I know it will get the job done.

Til, next time

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